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of our land remains non-planted, High Conservation Value and High Carbon Stock land
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of our land is a Community Forest
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of our land is responsibly planted*
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of our land is infrastructure

With biological resources at the heart of our business and surrounding communities, we value balancing economic development with ecological and social preservation. 

62% of our concessions remain non-planted land. This land represents our active role in protecting the unique biospheres that exist in Cameroon and Malaysia. Following the decision to cease and desist from all clearing and felling activities, we have committed to zero deforestation across all our land and have implemented an integrated landscape management approach in consultation with key environmental and social organisations.

Throughout the supply chain, we prioritise maximising the efficiency and productivity of our resources whilst minimising waste and emissions. We are also invested in the use of clean, renewable energy to decarbonise our energy portfolio and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This includes the installation of 126 solar panels at Kelvin Terminals; a site now capable of producing almost 100% of the electrical energy required to power its operations. Elsewhere, the discharge water and air emissions across our facilities is regularly measured to ensure it is well above the legal compliance limits.

Community Forest

A legal boundary was established around 25,000 hectares of land within the Sudcam concession, a land space equal to four times the size of Manhattan Island. Through work with local and international NGOs, and the Cameroon Government, we designated this a Community Forest. This will permanently protect the land and its ecosystems, whilst ensuring that indigenous communities have continued access to the forest resources. Employment opportunities will be created for local people in the management of the land, strategically governed by the Cameroon Sustainability Council and other specialist agencies.

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