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Why it Matters

We support and protect the rights of workers, land owners, indigenous people and local communities. We promote the responsible acquisition and management of land, and implement best-practise environmental standards which include policies of no deforestation, no peat and no exploitation. We advocate principles of equity by supporting the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, by engaging stakeholders and by promoting traceability across the natural rubber supply chain.

‘Local community engagement is vital to the success of social development while being environmentally responsible. Mighty Earth has provided guidance to Corrie MacColl to ensure they are following up on their commitments by working with and listening to the experienced local NGO teams on the ground to ensure that community concerns are being recognized and addressed.’ 

Margaret Kran-Annexstein, Campaign Director – Mighty Earth

Our Approach

This grievance procedure has been established for Corrie MacColl to address sustainability grievances from stakeholders including individuals, government and non-governmental organisations concerning the implementation of Corrie MacColl’s Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP).

Transparency is the cornerstone of our sustainability performance, allowing our business to evolve successfully and respectfully. Our transparent, collaborative and committed approach applies to both existing grievances and those stemming from legacy issues prior to our 2016 acquisition of our Cameroon plantations. We consider a robust grievance mechanism essential to protecting the people and environments affected by our operations.

We are engaged locally and internationally with civil societies to ensure we have a robust system in place to address compliance breaches and give employees, surrounding communities and all other stakeholders the ability to report grievances.

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