Proforest reviews the Sudcam ESIA report

Abraham Baffoe Proforest
Abraham Baffoe, Proforest Africa Regional Director with a Sudcam tapper, August 2019.

As part of our commitment to operate in line with international best practice standards, Proforest recently conducted a review of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) on our Sudcam plantation in Cameroon.  The original ESIA was conducted prior to Corrie MacColl’s ownership and management of the plantation, therefore the recent review sought to identify gaps and gage whether the information provided in the initial ESIA report was adequate in making informed decisions.

  • Proforest’s public summary of the review included the following statement: 'Evidence from review of documents, field verification and consultation with local stakeholders suggests that the new management has made significant progress on improving the social and environmental performance of the company’s operations including the development and implementation of a Sustainability Policy and a zero-deforestation commitment for Cameroon, as well as a more constructive and transparent engagement with stakeholders, particularly the local communities. This notwithstanding, several weaknesses have been identified as continuing and need to be addressed.'

We’re looking forward to working with Proforest to advance our social and environmental performance, and in implementing their recommendations.

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