Policies and certificates

The effective management of quality, environment, energy, health and safety represent key markers of our success. These are promoted through our policies, and accredited by industry certificates. Our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy and our Sustainable Sourcing Policy are fully integrated into our supply chain, whilst regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and appropriateness.

Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP)

The natural rubber supply chain includes industrial plantations, smallholder farmers, dealers, processing plants, manufacturers and distributors. We strive to be a global steward to work together with all stakeholders within our supply chain and the industrial sector to advance natural rubber’s sustainability.

Sustainable Sourcing Policy (SSP)

We strive to ensure the products delivered to our customers originate from sources where it is sustainably and responsibly cultivated, harvested and processed. This policy reiterates our commitment to conduct business with integrity and transparency together with social and environmental responsibility by extending the Company’s standards to its business partners. The SSP has been received by 129 suppliers, with more to follow going forward.

Our Certificates

The following certificates relate to the activities of Corrie MacColl Limited, Wurfbain, Centrotrade, Alan L Grant, Momentum Technologies Laboratories, Kelvin Terminals and Corrie MacColl Plantations. 

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