Trading & Distribution

Our trading teams are strategically located in key markets, coordinating for greater reach and competitive pricing in line with the Singapore Commodity Exchange.

global Reach, Local Expertise

We source high-quality natural and synthetic rubber, and latex, delivering competitively priced products with value-added services. Our global reach enables us to deliver market intel, door-to-door logistics, volume consolidation to minimize costs, and scheduling flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in demand. 

Our supply chain assets include distribution offices, rubber plantations, on-site laboratories, factories and tank storage facilities, as well as access to warehouses and hot rooms. 

From tree to doorstep

We provide a tree-to-doorstep service through our unrivalled ecosystem of assets, and our close contact with trusted supply partners. 1,000 customers across 350 cities partner with us. 

A consultative approach

Our specialists find solutions for your requirements. We connect our customers with the most suitable product grades and offer a dedicated technical advisory service, whilst coordinating tailored delivery programmes.  

An industry leader in sustainability

We prioritise sustainability for both our business and yours. We invest in a supply chain that balances economic development with ecological and social preservation.

our locations

London: Head Office. Sales & Distribution.

Hamburg & Eschborn: Distribution & Sales

Terneuzen: Kelvin Terminals, Latex Tank Terminal

Zaandam: Distribution & Sales

Istanbul: Distribution & Sales

Niete & Meyomessala: Hevecam and Sudcam plantations

Ohio and Virginia: Distribution & Sales

Ho Chi Minh: Distribution & Sales

Hatyai: Distribution & Sales

Shanghai: Distribution & Sales

Kuala Lumpur: Distribution & Sales

Kelantan: JFL Plantation

33 factories owned by our parent company, Halcyon Agri. Located across Cote D'Ivoire, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Niete & Meyomessala: Processing Facilities

Singapore: Distribution & Sales. Head Office of our parent company, Halcyon Agri. 

Sourcing & Quality

We offer access to any grade of rubber from any producing country, providing opportunities to enhance quality, sustainability and supply chain security.

Quality is promoted through our policies and accredited by industry certificates, whilst our laboratory facilities enable us to continuously evaluate product performance.

Sustainability and traceability remains an ongoing industry challenge, and as such we continue to invest in supply chain sustainability, supplier risk assessments, as well as supporting customers in contributing to a sustainable future.  

Our Internal Product

We take a modern approach to fair and sustainable rubber farming at our Cameroon and Malaysia production sites. 

Our active commitment to environmental protection is highlighted by our Zero Deforestation policy, and the 62% of HCV and Protected land across our concessions, including our 25,000 hectare Community Forest.

The Cameroon plantations feed two modern factories with a combined annual capacity of 89,000mT.

Products: 100% traceable centrifuge latex, latex grades CV/L, and TSR 10/20.

fSC-certified Product

Our customers benefit from access to FSC-certified product, helping them to reduce risk in their supply chains and strengthen their corporate responsibility credentials. FSC ensures that the natural rubber or latex sourced meets the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

In addition to our Chain of Custody Certificates, our Hevecam plantation in Cameroon is preparing for an application of FSC Forest Management certification over 15,000 ha of land.


We supply natural and synthetic materials from all leading, client-approved producers, in addition to FSC-certified product and our internally produced LATEXPRO and HEVEAPRO products.


Technically Specified Rubber (TSR)
Ribbed Smoked Sheet/ Pale Crepe
Latex Derived Grades

Thermoplastic Rubber
Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
SBR High Solids Latex
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
Polyolefin Elastomers (POE)
Gelling Surfactants – Amine Acetates
EVA/EBA Copolymers
Asphalt-Polymer Blend Cross-Linker
Low Cis Polybutadiene
High Cis Polybutadiene

Note: Our former distribution brands, Alan L Grant, Centrotrade, Wurfbain Polymer and Momentum Technologies International, have merged to operate as Corrie MacColl. Our newly integrated team provides a single face to our customers with the same high quality of service and product.

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