Logistics & Technical

Our advisory teams and technical infrastructure coordinate to deliver unrivalled door-to-door logistics services.

Tailored services

Our global reach enables us to coordinate tailored client solutions: door-to-door logistics, volume consolidation to minimize costs, and scheduling flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in demand. Our customers benefit from our on-site laboratories, factories and tank storage facilities, as well as access to warehouses and hot rooms. 

Door-to-door logistics

Customers benefit from our global reach and our ecosystem of assets. This includes tank storage facilities, laboratory services, plantations, processing facilities, as well as access to warehouses and hot rooms. 

Technical advisory service

Our specialists find solutions for your requirements. We offer a dedicated technical advisory service, whilst coordinating tailored delivery programmes.

Technology & sustainability

We invest in technical infrastructure and sustainability to drive the rubber industry into the future. 

Kelvin terminals

Kelvin Terminals offers just-in-time delivery through tank trucks, IBCs and drums, to customers within the Benelux Union in under 24 hours, and the remainder of Europe between 48 to 72 hours. The storage centre offers applicable filtering equipment, an on-site testing laboratory and experienced management – ensuring that the product delivered meets tailored customer requirements. 

Environmental measures: 126 solar panels that are capable of producing nearly 100% of operational electrical energy, in addition to air-source heat pumps to reduce dependence on diesel. All processes are accredited with the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 management systems.

Laboratories & Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at Kelvin Terminals and our Cameroon plantations enable us to continuously evaluate product performance. We also assist customers in the use, formulation and testing of polymers.

Quality is also promoted through our policies and accredited by industry certificates.

Technical & Regulatory Services

Our Global Technical Services and Development Team mediate with leading standards development organisations to oversee certification, regulatory, quality control and sustainability related issues.


We offer customers access to an extensive range of warehouse through tailored logistics programmes. Our services include volume consolidation to minimize costs, access to hot rooms for rubbing thawing, and the management of door-to-door logistics through close coordination with strategic supply partners.

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