Natural rubber is a critical raw material and as such, we continue to invest in its supply survival. This is how we do it.

Responsible Sourcing

Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP)
This policy, developed in partnership with Rainforest Alliance and Mighty Earth,  is our commitment to promoting and implementing the sustainable use of natural rubber throughout our supply chain. 

Sustainable Sourcing Policy 
This policy, developed in partnership with Rainforest Alliance, extends our in-house sustainability standards to our business partners.

We connect our customers to FSC-certified product and provide support in building FSC supply chains. In addition to our Chain of Custody Certificates, we are preparing for an application of FSC Forest Management certification in Cameroon.

Environmental Protection

62% natural forest
Beyond our 38,000 hectares of rubber plantation & internal community areas, we steward 67,000 hectares of undeveloped and open natural forest under a no-deforestation policy – for scale, this represents a land mass over 6 times the size of Paris. This stewardship represents our commitment to preserving local biodiversity and maintaining a critical ecosystem. It also safeguards the forest’s natural resources for the benefit of Baka and Bagyeli indigenous communities who may inhabit these areas. 

Responsible operations

We maximise the efficiency and productivity of our resources whilst minimising waste and emissions. This includes investment in solar energy, effluent water recycling and the monitoring of air emissions.

Our roadmap to net-zero has commenced with an ambitious  carbon mapping programme. This will lead into a decarbonisation strategy to follow the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and Paris Agreement goals.

Our Communities

As a modern employer, we continuously identify new opportunities for education, empowerment and socio-economic development.

Daily necessities and community infrastructure is provided and maintained across our Cameroon plantations. This includes family housing for 40,000 individuals, 58 government-certified schools for 11,100 students, 2 hospitals, as well as sport and community facilities.

Cameroon Outgrower Programme

Community Engagement

Social Action Plan 

This 5 year plan will support with the socio-economic development of over 40 local and indigenous communities, and is implemented by local NGOs.

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