Driving positive change for the rubber industry

At Corrie MacColl, we ensure fair and sustainable value creation from the tree to the customer. As a sustainable model corporate citizen, we are extensively invested in ecological conservation, economic growth and social development. Our rubber is grown, sourced and produced to the highest quality, matching supply and demand with as little impact as possible.

Our made-to-measure products are delivered to over 1,000 customers across 350 cities through our second-to-none logistical assets, flanked by our dedicated technical advisory and support unit.

13,000 smallholder farmers will be equipped with the education and financing to develop multi-crop farms around a core crop of rubber. 27,000 hectares of degraded land or low yielding farms will be re-planted and sustainably farmed to produce 100% traceable, high quality rubber and liquid latex, whilst driving several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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