Invest in a viable future

Sustainable rubber to ensure long-term viability

The Corrie MacColl Group is a leader in the origination and distribution of natural rubber, supplying a range of grades, latex and specialty rubber through its global network of supply chain assets, as well as developing and operating natural rubber plantations in Cameroon and Malaysia.

Corrie MacColl represents change for the natural rubber industry. As a group that controls supply from the source of the tree, to the doorstep of the customer, we have the resources to revolutionise the way rubber is grown, processed and distributed. Our economically sustainable business model materialises through our different efforts of ensuring quality of product and sustainability of the supply chain, while operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Our production focus is on specialised and custom natural latex and rubber grades for customers operating within the non-tyre and specialty-tyre business segment. Further down the supply chain, we have a truly global distribution and support services footprint that includes some of the world’s most historic rubber trading businesses, warehouses, tank storage facilities and laboratory services.