Understanding our Carbon Footprint
with Rainforest Alliance

carbon neutrality Rainforest Alliance


Rainforest Alliance have carried out a complete supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) balance assessment of our natural rubber plantations in Cameroon. The objective was to understand how much carbon is sequestrated from rubber, and how this compares to the GHG emissions associated with its cultivation and processing. The study also defined opportunities for achieving carbon neutrality across our supply chain, with the potential to be scaled more broadly across the natural rubber industry. 

The study spanned cultivation, processing, management and transport. It also investigated the carbon sinks and pools of the various land use systems found within our boundaries, including the differently aged rubber systems, areas of High Conservation Value (HCVs), other forest areas and community land managed for food production. These diverse land systems are reported to hold significant carbon stocks that contribute to climate change mitigation.

Interestingly, carbon sequestration of our plantations far outweighed the GHG emissions released from cultivation and processing. Unfortunately, when taking into account emissions from historical land use change, this positive balance is overturned. However, our No-Deforestation Policy ensures the protection of our natural resources going forward, as part of our commitment to environmental preservation and our adherence to our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP). These findings will ensure that responsible operational and land management decisions can be made to further reduce emissions, whilst achieving climate change mitigation and more resilient landscapes.  

‘In recent years, Corrie MacColl has taken actions to implement proactive efforts to halt further land use change and degradation in this region, coupled with the intent to support and implement activities that will lead to further climate benefits and, more broadly, ecosystem and livelihood resilience through their Outgrower Programme and Community Forest. These efforts are commendable and should be highlighted as a role model for the industry‘ – Rainforest Alliance

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