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467 candidates pass sustainability onboarding assessment  –  07/11/2019
1,139.2 hectares identified  –  12/10/2019
1,065 chickens successfully raised and sold  –  01/11/2019

Cameroonian families to benefit
0 ha
of fallow land to be planted

Cameroon Outgrower Programme

The Cameroon Outgrower Programme is our latest strategic measure in improving the livelihoods and economic viability of the rural communities that border our plantations. The programme will educate and empower approximately 13,000 local Cameroonian smallholders in possession of degraded or fallow land. The programme will apply an agroforestry model around a core crop of natural rubber, a choice of multi-crops and livestock. 

The programme aims to plant 27,000 hectares over 15 years, with the pilot registering an initial 300 hectares for planting commencing in May 2021.  A thorough onboarding process has been designed by our team, NGOs, and financial experts. This includes a strict environmental and credit risk assessment, as well as thorough training on agronomical best practices and credit risk.  Land within High Conservation Value or High Carbon Stock areas will be exempt, and appropriate land deeds must be secured prior to development. In addition to this, all applicants must comply with our Sustainability Policy which includes a no-deforestation commitment from December 2018.  This is cross-checked using a satellite imagery tool.

Legal entity cooperatives (GIC) have been set up by the smallholders to manage loan disbursements, the purchases of material and the sales of inventory. The GIC will provide ongoing support to the smallholders to ensure their cashflows are managed professionally. 

The programme will provide food and income security to thousands of smallholder families in rural Cameroon, and will strengthen partnerships between Corrie MacColl and the local communities.

Intercropped Farming Model
Cameroon Outgrower Programme
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