Cameroon outgrower programme
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300 hectares passed sustainability assessment  –  31/05/2021
40 approved applications –  01/06/2021
11% female applicants – 28/05/2021

$ 0 million
of smallholder loans
$ 0 million
of additional farmer annual income generated from rubber production
$ 0 million
of total crop revenues for farmers in the form of plantain, maize, groundnuts and redbeans
$ 0 million
million of annual export earnings for Cameroon

The Cameroon Outgrower Programme is our latest strategic measure in improving the livelihoods and economic viability of the rural communities that border our plantations. The 15-year planting programme will see 13,000 landowners equipped with the education and financing to develop multi-crop farms around a core crop of rubber. 27,000 hectares of degraded land or low yielding farms will be re-planted and sustainably farmed to produce 100% traceable, high quality rubber and liquid latex.

The programme will create impact both environmentally through the development of rubber farms which are high sequesters of carbon, and socially, by promoting sustainable development through creating wealth for rural communities. 

A thorough onboarding process has been designed by our team, NGOs, and financial experts. This includes a strict environmental and credit risk assessment, as well a  classroom and practical education on sustainable farming practices, and finance lessons conducted by banking professionals. Land within High Conservation Value or High Carbon Stock areas will be exempt, and appropriate land deeds must be secured prior to development. In addition to this, all applicants must comply with our Sustainability Policy which includes a no-deforestation commitment from December 2018.  This is cross-checked using a satellite imagery tool.

Legal cooperatives will secure legal land titles for each farmer, in addition to managing loan disbursements, the purchases of material and the sales of inventory. Farmers will receive ongoing support from these cooperatives and from a dedicated team of agronomical experts.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The programme will drive the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Cameroon Outgrower Programme


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