Aligning with GPSNR

Aligning with GPSNR

In support of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), we’re pleased to share that we have reviewed our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP) and can confirm that it aligns with the Sustainability Framework endorsed at the GPSNR 2nd Assembly on 23rd September 2020. Our SNRSCP, developed in consultation with Rainforest Alliance and Proforest, reflects our continued efforts to partner with stakeholders and the industrial sector to advance the sustainability of the supply chain. 

The newly approved GPSNR framework represents a pivotal decision for the industry, with GPSNR member companies accounting for almost 50% of global natural rubber volume. The framework is aligned with the UN Global Compact and is modelled around eight overarching themes, including commitments to legal compliance, community livelihoods, healthy, functioning ecosystems (including no deforestation), and respecting all human rights. Additionally, a85% of the world’s natural rubber is produced by smallholders, GPSNR is embracing a concept of shared responsibility where the implementation and costs of sustainable operations do not fall solely on smallholders but can be equitably distributed across all stakeholder categories. 

Our SNRSCP, first released in November 2018, aligns with these new GPSNR policies across.  We recognise the role of supply chain governance in preserving biodiversity and in ensuring that local communities experience continued economic development and livelihood sustenance. As such, SNRSCP objectives include: 

•  Protecting the rights of workers, land owners, indigenous people and local communities
•  Promoting the responsible acquisition of land, and implementing best environmental standards
•  Driving practices for traceability across the supply chain
•  Supporting the livelihood of smallholder farmers and advocating principles of equity

GPNSR will establish an independent Compliance Panel in early 2021 to formally review our SNRSCP  and confirm its conformance with the GPSNR Sustainability Framework, a core requirement of membership in GPSNR.  

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