A landmark collaboration: Mighty Earth and PFC join the Cameroon Sustainability Council

Consultations with Community Forests Platform

We’re proud to announce that following a long-running consultation, Mighty Earth and the Community Forests Platform (PFC) have joined the Cameroon Sustainability Council

Local initiatives require local understanding. In order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable best-practice in Cameroon, the Council prioritises the inclusion of local experts that champion a shared agenda of ecological conservation and socio-economic development.  Mighty Earth, a global pro-environmental NGO, and PFC, a Cameroonian national civil society representing over 50 local NGOs, will therefore help the Council guide sustainable, community-led rubber production in Cameroon. This collaboration will emphasise discussion and input from local level – and ensure that indigenous and local communities have a voice in all Council decisions.

  • Etelle Higonnet, Senior Campaign Director at Mighty Earth commented: “Halcyon’s leadership in driving this is commendable, and we very much hope others will soon step up to the plate. It will be key for companies directly or indirectly buying rubber from Cameroon to follow Halcyon’s lead- to embrace zero deforestation Cameroonian rubber produced with strong human rights commitments. Now that local NGOs have been included as Members, Mighty Earth is fully prepared to serve as a member on the Council.”
  • Martin Biyong, Director of CEDLA, a member of PFC added: “We will be monitoring enforcement of Halcyon’s commitments, and supporting communities in their dialogue with the company, and ensuring that they are able to continue to use the forest for their needs.” 

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