Our Sustainability Milestones

A glance at the steps we have taken to shape a responsible and sustainable future for rubber production in Cameroon.  

August 18


WWF, at the invitation of Halcyon, prepare a field report on the Sudcam concession. We begin to address WWF’s recommendations, including any legacy issues prior to our acquisition of the concession.
November 18


The Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP) is launched, addressing seven key areas including: traceability, responsible land acquisition and working conditions.
December 18

December 18

We announce our zero-deforestation commitment in Cameroon and cease all clearing and felling.
April 19

April 19

The independent Cameroon Sustainability Council is established. The CSC brings together multi-stakeholder individuals along the value chain, uniting over a progressive agenda of ecological conservation and socio-economic development.
April 19


We become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, pledging our commitment to enact and report on the Compact’s ten core principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
May 19


Mighty Earth, CED, APED and Halcyon work together to define actionable steps towards maintaining and improving our socio-environmental measures.
June 19


25,000 hectares is designated as a Community Forest – a land space equal to 4 times the size of Manhattan Island. A legal boundary will permanently protect the land and its ecosystems, whilst ensuring the local communities have continued access to the forest resources.
September 19


Proforest review Sudcam’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) stating that: ‘the management of Sudcam has not only accepted our report but have also adopted the recommendations contained in the report.’
October 19


The Cameroon Outgrower Programme is underway. 5 pilot farms are constructed, and 467 candidates pass Proforest’s social and environmental assessments. This programme will empower and educate on a large scale, benefiting approx. 13,000 smallholders going forward.
November 19


Mighty Earth and PFC, a Cameroonian national civil society representing over 50 local NGOs, join the Cameroon Sustainability Council.
December 19


We launch a community engagement programme with APIFED that shines a spotlight on the local and indigenous communities surrounding our Sudcam plantation.
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