Sudcam Celebrates its New ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001
Photo taken at the 2020 launch ceremony, prior to Covid-19 restrictions


We’re pleased to share that Sudcam, our Cameroon concession in Meyomessala, has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. This new accreditation provides an internationally recognised framework that aligns with our proactive approach to strengthening our global services.

The certification applies independently accredited standards to Sudcam’s quality management system (QMS) across a broad range of operational areas, including customer focus, the adequacy of resources, employee competence and process management. The certificate verifies Sudcam’s ability to provide products and services that meet our customer’s requirements, as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, with consistency.

As part of the transition, a stronger culture of evaluation and improvement has been embedded into our operations, bringing greater opportunities for risk mitigation and operational enhancement. The ISO procedure took approximately 18 months, factoring delays resulting from Covid-19, with actions including the creation of 25 Quality Plans and a broader 3-year action plan with more defined KPIs. This accompanies rigorous management reports and the consolidation of regulatory and legal requirements. The evaluation of Sudcam’s adherence to the accreditation criteria was performed by an initial internal audit, followed by two stages of external audits by Bureau Veritas.

The acquisition of of this ISO certificate has called on the collective efforts of the the Sudcam team, with notable mentions for Mr Andre Meka from Certification, Mr Sarij James from the Operation team, and Mr Bona and Mr Martial Abanda from the factory team.

'This is a brilliant achievement by our team at Sudcam. This ISO 9001 accreditation represents Sudcam’s commitment to the continuous development of our operations, and our pledge to deliver high-quality product. Congratulations!’
Jimmy Francis - Chief Executive Officer, Sudcam Plantation
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