Progress Across Mighty Earth's Sustainability Accord

Mighty Earth rubber

We’re pleased to share that we are making continuous progress in strengthening our commitment to forest protection and community relations, as well as improving sustainability standards throughout our global operations, as referenced in Mighty Earth‘s recent Update.

Following the Restoration and Reparations report in August 2019, we mobilised a sustainability team who met with Mighty Earth and two local Cameroonian NGOs, Appui pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Développement (APED) and Centre pour le Développement et l’Environnement (CED). An Accord was reached and signed to address both existing grievances and those stemming from legacy issues prior to our 2016 acquisition of our Cameroon plantations.  

Developments have since included the formal establishment of the independent Cameroon Sustainability Council, the implementation of a transparent grievance mechanism and, as referenced by Mighty Earth, ‘Halcyon went beyond the Accord by becoming the first rubber company to welcome EU regulation and an EU law to ban deforestation and human rights abuses entering supply chains.’

We look forward to implementing the remaining elements of the Accord with full transparency.  

‘Overall, Halcyon has taken vital and encouraging steps toward forest protection, community engagement, responsiveness, and addressing current and previous grievances. Nonetheless, the company still has a long journey ahead to make its operations in Cameroon and worldwide fully sustainable. The continued inclusion of local stakeholders, particularly Indigenous People, will be key to continuing progress going forward. Mighty Earth remains committed to working with the company to ensure that all elements of the Accord are advanced by the company.’

Mighty Earth

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