Lauching Sudcam's Xray, Opthamology and Dental Units


The hospital in our Sudcam concession recently launched its new new ophthalmology, radiology and dental care units in partnership with the Chantal Biya Foundation (FCB). The new units will bring high-quality healthcare through advanced equipment for the benefit of employees and their families, as well as for the local communities neighbouring the concession. These new care units will allow for a smoother diagnostic and follow-up process for patients, whilst reducing the costs of outpatient medical care.

Dr Njoume, our on-site medical Director who is leading the development shared that ‘ the digitized X-ray device is of significant importance as, in adherence to local labour legislation, workers are required to have a yearly chest x-ray. This examination has previously been conducted 70 km for Sangmelima or 200 km from Yaounde can now be carried out on site, as well as expediting the process for conditions that require radiological diagnoses.’

Additionally, the new ophthalmology unit will support Sudcam in looking after the eye health of its workers as well as the surrounding communities. During the first three days of inauguration, over 375 patients registered for consultations and free supplies of prescription glasses and medicine.

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