Cameroon Sustainability Council

The Cameroon Sustainability Council (CSC) brings together international, multi-stakeholder individuals along the value chain, uniting over a progressive agenda of ecological conservation and socio-economic development.

Abraham Baffoe, Chairperson of the Council and Africa Regional Director of Proforest, commented that ‘the establishment of the Cameroon Sustainability Council is a courageous commitment by the management of Corrie MacColl to demonstrate an innovative approach to the transparency and implementation of the company’s sustainability efforts. It has the potential to become the future model for corporate commitments to sustainability.’ The Council acts independent of management and shareholders, and has extensive rights of information, consultation and initiative. 

Members of the Council:
  • Chairperson: Mr. Abraham Baffoe, Africa Regional Director (Proforest)
  • Mr. Daniel Flynn, Chief Operating Officer (Continental American Corporation, d.b.a Pioneer Balloon)
  • Mr. Edouard de Rostolan, CSR Manager – Société Des Matières Premières Tropicales (SMPT)
  • Mr. Abdou Lasine, Head of Environmental Audits (Ministry of Environment, Protection of the Nature and Sustainability, Cameroon)
  • Mr. Kamguem Dieudonné, Resource of Ministry of Environment (Ministry of Environment, Protection of the Nature and Sustainability, Cameroon)
  • Mr. Mvondo Martin Paul, Head of Sub Department of Seeds and Seedlings (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cameroon)
  • Mr. Ze Efemba Salomon, Teacher and Representative of Local Community (Bitye Village)
  • Ms. Ellen Kondracki, VP Sustainability and EHS (Becton Dickinson)
  • Mr. Kevin Nelson, SVP & Chief Procurement Officer (Becton Dickinson)
The Council's upcoming agenda:
  • Establish direction and management 
  • Set-up a sub-committee to engage with the Government on behalf of the Council 
  • Review and adopt the SNRSCP and recommendations from WWF 
  • Review and guide the implementation of the Outgrower Programme, ensuring it operates within the SNRSCP 
  • Review and guide the implementation of a secured perimeter for the Community Forest
  • Review the company’s development and implementation of an integrated landscape level management approach framework based on international standards
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