Vystar and Corrie MacColl discuss innovation and sustainability at the International Latex Conference

International Latex Conference
Photo credit: Rubber & Plastic News


Vystar Corporation recently delivered the opening plenary session of the 2021 International Latex Conference with John Heath, Director of Latex at Corrie MacColl on ‘Innovations and Sustainability in Natural Rubber Latex – The New Paradigm.’  The session provided an overview of the natural rubber latex industry trends and the role of innovation and sustainability, from plantations to products. 


  • Dr Ranjit K. Matthan, Vystar Corporation
  • William Doyle – Vytex® Product Development Consultant, Vystar Corporation.
  • John Heath – Director, Latex, Corrie MacColl.
  • Joseph John – Director, Polymer Consultancy Services Ltd.


As shared in Vytex’s recent article, the session covered the following topics:

  • Multiple grades of Vytex® raw material multi-sourced from Corrie MacColl at highest levels of sustainability (FSC, TMTD & Nitrosamine Free DPNR)
  • Tire enhancements for improved vehicle fuel efficiency (rolling resistance) and safety (wet grip/winter tires)
  • New Vytex® DPNR food and medical grades with allergenic protein levels below detection limits
  • ISO standards being drafted for deproteinized natural rubber solids and latex


This follows Vystar Corporation’s appointment of Corrie MacColl as its exclusive global partner for all aspects of product market development and distribution of its patented Vytex® deproteinized latex.  Dr Matthan stated:  “Our recent developments in collaboration with our partners at the Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association (IRMRA) and Corrie MacColl, have yielded product that is sustainably and renewably sourced, more eco-friendly, and stronger and more durable for a safer extended useful life.”  

The Corrie MacColl plantations currently offer multiple grades of raw material from the Vytex® latex platform, all based on a 100% natural and entirely biogenic rubber polymer, and increasingly with a fully traceable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supply chain.  Mr Heath labelled FSC the gold standard of forestry certification, with credible and transparent governance.”  Mr Heath therefore shared I can announce today that we are working now in Cameroon to achieve full FSC compliance by the end of the year.” 

We look forward to further partnering on innovation and sustainability with Vystar Corporation and Vytex®.

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