The Cameroon Outgrower Programme Launch Ceremony

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We recently celebrated the official launch of our Cameroon Outgrower ProgrammeThe 15-year planting programme will see 13,000 landowners equipped with the education and financing to develop multi-crop farms around a core crop of rubber. 27,000 hectares of degraded land or low yielding farms will be re-planted and sustainably farmed to produce 100% traceable, high quality rubber and liquid latex. The programme will drive socio-economic development and ecological preservation on a vast scale. 

We had the honour of welcoming Mr Jean Claude Eloundou, Sous Prefet de Meyomessala and his partners, in addition to programme candidates and media representatives. The events was held in line with with precautionary Covid-19 measures and in adherence to government guidelines.  Following speeches and media questions, inaugural trees were planted to mark the occasion. 

This event follows our 2019 celebrations for the unveiling of the plans, where we had the honour of welcoming His Excellency, Mr Gabriel Mbairobe, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for the Republic of Cameroon. Mr Mbairobe was accompanied by an entourage that included the Deputy Agricultural Minister, Governor, local Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Prefect, as well as several TV, radio and media companies. Following a tour of the Sudcam plantations, we collectively discussed plans to drive economic development, food security and a sustainable natural rubber supply chain. 

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