October Update:
The Cameroon Outgrower Programme

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The Programme Launch

The Cameroon Outgrower Programme has got off to a strong start. The programme drives a dual agenda of socio-economic development and ecological conservation, aiming to empower approximately 13,000 smallholders. In benefiting from technical support and the guaranteed purchasing of raw material, the smallholders will be given the opportunity to create their own intercropped farms around a core of natural rubber.

With the model farms constructed, and the first year applicants engaged in the onboarding process, the programme is gathering momentum:

  • 467 have passed the onboarding assessment criteria developed by Proforest, meeting the social and environmental criteria reflected by our sustainability policy commitments.
  • This brings the total land area so far to 1,139.2 Ha. This land complies with our environmental commitments including our zero-deforestation pledge.
  • Year 1 candidates will soon be entered into our environmental and credit risk assessment app.
  • Once full documentation is in place, we can expect 1st year candidates to begin planting in November.


Model Farms
  • A total of five model farms have been established, reflecting the integrated farming model that the programme encourages.
  • As the smallholders will have the opportunity to grow livestock and crops until the Hevea trees have reached full maturation for tapping, these model farms currently include plantain nurseries, and chicken and pig rearing grounds.
  • A total of 1065 chickens have been sold so far to smallholders, and pigs will be ready for sale from December.
  • These chickens could earn the smallholders up to US$ 400/Ha per batch.
  • The model farms also represent hubs for technical support and for the teaching of agronomical best practices, ensuring long-term compliance with our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy.
The Outgrower Team Spotlight

Karl Tchami, Agro-economic Engineer supporting the smallholders

‘For several years, the local populations have been confronted with several factors that have prevented them from realizing their own rubber growing projects, notably the lack of materials and technical expertise. The Outgrower Programme is therefore seen as an effective solution to these constraints. Additionally, the integrated crop model will bring the smallholders greater access to a diverse diet and an additional source of income.’

Melissa Frederique Mengue, Outgrower Communications Supervisor

‘My role involves liaising with the smallholders throughout the onboarding process. I am sure that the programme will have a really positive effect on the social and economic conditions of the neighbourhood. Smallholder farmers will feel empowered, youth will find employment, there will be food security and people will become more prosperous in the long-term. I am very excited about all this.’

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