Birth Certificates for Baka Children

Baka indigenous

Our Sudcam plantation in Cameroon has started coordinating access to birth certificates for indigenous Baka children neighbouring the plantations, resulting in 73 birth certificates throughout 2022. 

As this neighbouring group of indigenous Baka people do not always legally declare births and as their camps are not officially recognised as village communities, very few Baka people hold birth certificates. The provision of a birth certificate is essential for access to government services, National Identity Cards, passports, official examinations and competitions.

Birth certificates are also compulsory for the registration of pupils in schools, a key priority for in Corrie MacColl’s Social Action Plan. The Social Action Plan is a 5-year programme to support the socio-economic development of over 40 local and indigenous communities neighbouring our Cameroon plantations. Community consultations and the resultant initiatives are also implemented by local NGOs.  

The birth certificate project was coordinated by Gislain Ngatcha, Senior EHS & Sustainability Manager, who supported in launching a census and identification project of indigenous people in collaboration with the local administrative, legal and medical authorities. 


'This project has been important for restoring the natural and fundamental rights of the indigenous Baka population, and in giving each child a legal identity and future.'
Baka communities Sudcam
Gislain Ngatcha
Senior Manager, EHS & Sustainability
Baka birth certificate
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