Launching a Community Engagement Programme with APIFED


We’re proud to announce our collaboration with the Cameroonian NGO, APIFED as we jointly launch a community engagement programme that shines a spotlight on the communities surrounding our Sudcam plantation. 

APIFED engages with  local and indigenous communities in the Djoum region, and will support us in communicating with the Baku and Bantu communities that live in, and depend on, the land surrounding the plantation. Over 30 local communities will be consulted in a programme intended to amplify local voices and develop a framework that incorporates local concerns. The programme will lead to a preliminary report, which will form the group’s action plan to address any communal grievances moving forward.

This community-centric approach follows our decision to cease all further development and land clearing in Cameroon in November 2018, as well as establishing a 25,000-hectare Community Forest that will permanently protect the land and give land rights and benefits to the local communities.

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