We recognise that accessible and varied training underpins the progression and safety of those in our communities.

Our Communities

As a modern employer, we believe in sharing our teams’ diverse wealth of expertise for the collective betterment of our company, our employees and the neighbouring communities. In fact, over 600 people benefited from training sessions throughout 2018, and with more to follow throughout 2019.

Many of these training hours are dedicated to the CorrieSafe pillar, our investment in ensuring the health and safety of the residents in our communities. Both internal and external training sessions are coordinated to educate on topics including road safety, machinery use and avoiding danger around the plantations. Success has been evident in the decrease in employee injury rates from 2017 to 2018. Marie Elise Ngo Bell, QEHS Manager, coordinates these programmes and forecasts that for 2019: ‘I would like to reach more people on topics such as hygiene & sanitation, environmental protection and the sensible use of water and electricity.’

Women's Training Programmes

Actively working to champion women’s empowerment and employment, last year saw the training and recruitment of over 450 women. This initiative has been tremendously successful in sharing the technical skills essential for rubber-tapping work opportunities and will be scaled to benefit more participants throughout 2019. Further opportunities were created in workshops teaching agriculture and livestock management, fishing, dyeing, soap making and cassava preparation.

School Partnerships

With over 3550 students at secondary school level, insight days and fieldtrips encourage the application of school learnings to the outside world. In sharing our training resources to broaden the children’s pools of experience, sessions have included workshops led by resident weather expert, Baya Emmanuel, in which students learn how to use sundials, rain and wind gauges and other specialist instruments.

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