Social Action Plan for Local and Indigenous Communities with NGO, APIFED

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Our Sudcam plantation has teamed up with Cameroonian NGO, APIFED on a 5-year social action plan for local and indigenous communities from 2021-2025. This initiative forms part of Corrie MacColl Plantations’ mission to improve the socio-economic conditions of the neighbouring communities, and will be led by community representatives.

As part of its launch, teams from Sudcam and APIFED have conducted awareness campaigns to engage the 42 local Baka and Bulu communities. The social action plan was outlined to village chiefs and community members, detailing the mutual objectives, the implementation strategy and monitoring requirements. 

As the initiative has been developed in tandem with local community members, its success is driven by their participation. Each community freely elects representatives who volunteer to act as mediators, each selecting a topic to address during meetings; with leaders representing women, leaders representing young people, and leaders representing the Baka people, if applicable. Their assigned responsibilities range from facilitating a steady flow of communication to ensuring the smooth execution of projects, in accordance with the initial planning and technical requirements. 

Priority projects for 2021 include assistance with the processing of non-timber agricultural and forest products, support with health facilities, the development of Baka housing and the construction of water wells. The outreach campaign also proved a successful opportunity to discuss more recent community concerns for the collective teams to address, such as the immediate assistance and financial support for a community chief requiring hospitalization. Long-term discussion points included the need for agricultural support and the provision of training and equipment, including 100 wheelbarrows and 200+ kilograms of corn seed.

We look forward to sharing more updates on the development of this social action plan.

Social Action Plan Launched for Local and Indigenous Communities with NGO, APIFED

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