We’re future-proofing the industry by applying our expertise across the value chain together with investment in technology, to produce the highest quality natural latex in a sustainable way. Corrie MacColl’s LATEXPRO represents our commitment to the highest standards.

Core Principles

Four core attributes lie at the heart of LATEXPRO:
Industrial & Quality Standards, Environment, Health & Safety, Sustainable Supply Chain and Supply Chain Security


Industrial & Quality Standards

LATEXPRO guarantees the highest standard in quality assurance by applying three principles: Quality of Raw Material, Quality of Process and Quality of Management.


Environment, Health & Safety
We are committed to providing a high standard of safe, healthy and environmentally sound working conditions for our employees and visitors.


Sustainable Supply Chain
We respect the rights of the people in the communities in which we operate and the environment which they are dependent on for their livelihood. As the backbone to our sustainable platform, LATEXPRO is all about empowering these communities and minimising the environmental and social impacts of our operations.


Supply Chain Security
We care about our security and that of our customers. We have implemented security measures that extend beyond our premises, all the way to our customers’ doorsteps.
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