#FollowtheFrog with Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

We are proudly participating in #FollowtheFrog week (21st-27th September) with Rainforest Alliance, a campaign that encourages businesses and individuals to share the actions they take to lighten our global environmental footprint.  

This year we celebrate the perennial need for industry dialogue and NGO partnerships. Collaborative working is the cornerstone of sustainable business practices, and our relationship with Rainforest Alliance has included the development of our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy, our Sustainable Sourcing Policy and the accompanying Implementation Manual. These policies will help us to ensure that the products delivered to our customers originate from sources where they are fairly and sustainably cultivated, harvested and processed.

 Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP):

We strive to partner with all stakeholders to advance the sustainability of our supply chain. The SNRSCP, developed by Rainforest Alliance and Proforest, steers our efforts along the following objectives:

  • Protecting the rights of workers, land owners, indigenous people and local communities
  • Promoting the responsible acquisition of land, and implementing best environmental standards
  • Driving practices for traceability across the supply chain
  • Supporting the livelihood of smallholder farmers and advocating principles of equity

Sustainable Sourcing Policy (SSP)

This Rainforest Alliance-developed policy reiterates our commitment to conduct business with integrity and transparency by extending the Company’s standards to its business partners across Human Rights, Land Use Rights, Environmental, Responsibility, Business Ethics and Transparency and Supply Chain Traceability criteria. 

The accompanying Implementation Manual ensures that the suppliers demonstrate full alignment with the SSP through a time-bound roadmap of pragmatic actions and reporting.

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