EUDR Seminar at the University of Oxford

Rubber dinner Oxford


As collaborative working is the cornerstone of sustainable business practices, we value being active participants in industry dialogue. Our European teams recently gathered with industry partners at the University of Oxford to discuss the new EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). 

The EUDR aims to curb the EU market’s impact on global deforestation and degradation, as well as decreasing carbon emissions and biodiversity loss.

✔️  It requires natural rubber to be ‘deforestation free’ in order to be sold on the EU market or exported from it.
✔️  Extensive diligence will be required – including the geolocation of all plots of land where the rubber was grown and the date of production.
✔️  Relevant goods must state their compliance with legal and sustainability requirements.

We look forward to sharing further updates soon. 

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