Our Sudcam Factory Has Achieved the Latest ISO 14001 Certification



Congratulations to the team at our Sudcam factory in Cameroon for achieving the latest ISO 14001 certification. The certification offers a comprehensive framework for an effective environmental management system, providing assurance to both Corrie MacColl employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is continuously monitored and minimised. 

The newly revised ISO 14001 certification improves on the 2015 certification with its enhanced integration with other management systems, a culture of continuous improvement, and its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over a span of 17 months, the factory and certification teams collaborated to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at meeting the stringent requirements of the ISO 14001 certification. This included reorienting operations to align with the certification’s criteria, and ensuring full compliance throughout the organization. Existing good practices and installations with the factory, such as the Advanced Socio-Environmental Technology (ASET), laid a strong foundation for the initiatives. The teams’ preparations led towards series of mock audits to identify areas for improvement and incorporate necessary corrective actions., laying the groundwork for the final certification audit which took place in May.

The achievement of ISO 14001 certification was made possible by the collective efforts of various departments within Sudcam. The General Management and Department Heads steered the initiative, with support from the Standardization & Certification Department and the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) team. Additional support came from the following departments: Latex and Cuplump factory teams, CSR, Procurement, Export, Factory Maintenance, Laboratory, Warehouse, HR and IT.

The ISO 14001 certification highlights Corrie MacColl’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. As part of the transition, a stronger culture of evaluation and improvement has been embedded into our operations, bringing greater opportunities for risk mitigation and operational enhancement.  

Andre Meka,  Sudcam Certification Team.

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