Natural Latex and Rubber Factory Purpose Built to Serve the Medical Industry

Producing concentrated latex, CV and L grades, Sudcam is poised to supply the European and North American dipping industry (gloves, condoms, balloons) as well as specialty product makers (automotive, household and industrial applications).

Nearing completion in Q3 2020


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Latex Grade
mT/hour for CV & L
mT/hour for Centrifuge Latex

Q3 Commissioning

The factory will start production in Q3 this year following a 20 month development and a $16m investment. With an annual production capacity of 37,500 metric tonnes (mT), the new factory will produce 100% latex grade rubber split between concentrated latex and TSR CV/L Grades. As an industry best-in-class, the factory holds exceptional standards in industrial innovation and sustainability.

Corrie MacColl is now uniquely positioned to supply the Western Hemisphere with specialty grades of natural latex, being the only producer of concentrated latex in Africa. Our two factories in Cameroon have a combined latex capacity of 53,000mT fulfilled by 31,000 hectares of rubber trees planted in the Hevecam and Sudcam estates. Production of latex is poised to increase from 10,000mT in 2020 to 60,000mT from 2030 onwards, as our trees mature and come into production. 

Product Quality and Traceability

The raw material from our Sudcam plantation is set to feed the modern factory, offering  customers 100% traceable natural rubber, produced to individual customer requirements.  Additionally, the implementation of the HEVEAPRO and LATEXPRO standards will be secured prior to the first batch production with these 1,000 audit-point certifications ensuring the highest standards of quality, worker safety and environmental sustainability.


At the plantation level, sustainability is highly prioritised with initiatives governed by local and international NGOs, as well as the Cameroon Sustainability Council

At the factory level, the installation of heightened efficiency measures and advanced equipment, including state-of-the-art centrifuges, will maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste. 

Other features that distinguish the factory include: 


Applying the technical expertise of the Group’s Ohio, USA based Momentum Technologies Laboratories, a natural rubber and latex laboratory will be located on-site. Planned as an extension of the Ohio facility, the laboratory will be assisted in equipment selection, training and certification process. The partnership between state-of-the-art laboratory and modern factory will form the ideal site to host R&D-focused activities such as development of specialty products, in addition to formulation testing, enhancing and formulation design, and providing raw material testing.

'Bringing together a factory and an on-site laboratory provides the advantage of a full-service offering as well as a strategic centre for R&D.'
Jimmy Francis
CEO, Sudcam plantation


We’re future-proofing the industry by combining value chain expertise and investment in technology to produce the highest quality natural latex in a sustainable way. Corrie MacColl’s LATEXPRO represents our commitment to the highest standards through the following principles:


Industrial & Quality Standards

LATEXPRO guarantees the highest standard in quality assurance by applying three principles: Quality of Raw Material, Quality of Process and Quality of Management.


Environment, Health & Safety
We are committed to providing a high standard of safe, healthy and environmentally sound working conditions for our employees and visitors.


Sustainable Supply Chain
We respect the rights of the people in the communities in which we operate and the environment which they are dependent on for their livelihood. As the backbone to our sustainable platform, LATEXPRO is all about empowering these communities and minimising the environmental and social impacts of our operations.


Supply Chain Security
We care about our security and that of our customers. We have implemented security measures that extend beyond our premises, all the way to our customers’ doorsteps.
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