Ensuring a Green EU Recovery Plan for the Tyre, Rubber and Auto Industries

Mighty Earth

Mighty Earth CEO, Glenn Hurowitz, recently sent a letter to the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, on conditions for post Covid-19 EU bailouts and recovery support. The letter urges that all EU-based companies that rely on rubber should be legally bound by environmental and human rights conditions when accessing recovery support, stating that ‘high volumes of EU and EU-backed bailout support distributed over the coming months will shape the EU tire and rubber, auto, car rental, ride-share and aviation industries for years to come.’ 

Conditions include commitment to the European Green Deal, the Paris Agreement, to achieving carbon neutrality and zero-deforestation policies. Furthermore, businesses should implement robust policies and practices that ensure workers’ rights throughout their supply chains, including commitments regarding living income,  gender equity and child labour.

We support Mighty Earth’s letter and look to our Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy (SNRSCP) and its no-deforestation policy as one of our key benchmarks in advancing the sustainability of the natural rubber supply chain. Furthermore, we bring together NGOs and industry stakeholders to jointly shape positive socio-economic development. This includes comprehensive community engagement and a robust grievances framework in partnership with Mighty Earth, APED and APIFED.

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