Gen10 has launched • Gen10 is gestart • Gen10 wurde gestartet • Gen10 已发布 • Gen10 telah diluncurkan

Gen10 users across the group
+ hours of training coordinated

We’re pleased to share that Gen10 has launched! 

This new commodity management software will allow over 110 employees spanning 8 cities across the Corrie MacColl group to align working practices and reporting, and fits into our wider aim of bringing  digital innovation to the natural rubber industry. 

Within just 3 weeks in October, we implemented Gen10’s ‘CommOS’ software in the Centrotrade office in Virginia, U.S.A and then continued rolling out the system into each office on a month-by-month timeline. The China office’s January installation has been postponed but we hope to launch it soon. To better facilitate the adoption of this new system, we have also created an internal help and support platform hosted on ‘Microsoft Teams.’ This ‘helpdesk’ is managed by six Corrie MacColl colleagues with extensive Gen10 knowledge and experience.

  • Robert Meyer, CEO shared that: ‘Transitioning to the Gen10 software will allow us to streamline the Contract entry, Allocation, Logistics and Inventory workflows within our Businesses. I see this as the next step in aligning our brands under the Corrie MacColl umbrella.’

How Gen10 will benefit our teams

A Team Effort

'I believe that Gen10 will enable us to run a faster, easier and more effective operation, encompassing our contact creation, allocation, logistics and inventory management processes. With clear and intuitive functionality, it allows users to simplify their workflow whilst maximising efficiency.

There are many people within the group who, by showing a fantastic “can-do” attitude and really going the extra mile, ensured that the project roll-out targets were achieved. Although two individuals really stand out: Corine Hoedeman from Wurfbain and Chris Cooper from Alan L Grant have been absolutely brilliant, both flying at very short notice to our offices in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, assisting with the implementation and later training colleagues. I would like to extend a personal “thank you” for all they have done and continue to do for this project.'
Tony Fox
Business Development Manager, Corrie MacColl
'Gen10 will really help the logistics team to get a grip on the status of our orders in a world of transshipments, schedule changes and supplier/customer requirements. Having met colleagues around the globe has been a highlight in this project. The enthusiasm and patience shown in the offices has helped 100% to get the implementation done in such a short time frame.'
Corine Hoedeman
Operations Manager, Wurfbain Polymer B.V.
'I'm profoundly appreciative of the collaborative attitudes and cooperative nature that the Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai teams brought to the table. Implementing a new ERP system and learning new processes frazzles nerves even in optimal circumstances. The project’s success was made possible with the collaboration of all the stakeholders.'
Chris Cooper
Logistics Manager, Alan L Grant

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