Fire Monitoring and Management

Health and safety training at Sudcam


We regularly conducted fire monitoring and management activities across our operations in order to mitigate risk to our business and employees. This includes the following activities across Q4 2019 and 2020:

  • The Sudcam Fire Group employees were trained in the handling of the recently acquired fire trucks. This training focused on the recognition of equipment, responding to and fighting fires.
  • Household workers from Sudcam were been trained in fire safety, particularly in regards to the various techniques for extinguishing fires in the kitchen. A practical case was made on the extinction of fires starting from gas cylinders. Employees were shown how to regularly check the condition of the gas pipes and their expiration dates to monitor for fire risk.
  • A training workshop was held for administrative employees at the Hevecam Central Office. Staff were shown how to use fire extinguishers, and were taught technical and organisational measures to suppress fires and limit their spread.
  • Hevecam factory employees received training in fire extinguishing methods to deal with the fires that can occur during the dry season. This training session was focused on using extinguishers in various scenarios, developing the participants’ skills and reactivity.
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