Community Reforesting for World Environment Day


We recently celebrated the 49th World Environment Day at the Hevecam plantation in Cameroon by participating in the the reforesting of 5000m2 of land within the neighbouring community.

The engagement of our Hevecam employees from the EHS and Sustainability team was particularly commendable as they joined forces to offer support for this year’s theme: ‘Restoration of the ecosystem.’ The large group of volunteers met with the local authorities at the Ministry of Environment, Protection, Nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED) in neighbouring town, Ebolowa. After a welcome speech delivered by Mr Engotta Cyril, Mayor of the South region, our teams coordinated the donation of 200 Moabé and Bilinga plants.

This was followed by the reforesting of the 5000m2 land area by our teams and Mr  Benoit Snoeck, Chief Executive Officer of the Hevecam plantation. They were also joined by volunteers from JEPAC, a local community youth group. This reforestation drive follows recent awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of environmental protection both within and beyond our plantation concessions.

These celebrations sit within a greater timeline of environmental actions across our Cameroon plantations, including our No Deforestation policy and the launch of a 25,000ha Community Forest. Read more about Corrie MacColl’s environmental sustainability actions here.

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