Clean Drinking Water for Rural Communities in Cameroon

We’re pleased to have completed the construction of 35 borewells in Cameroon, providing safe and easy access to water for rural communities neighbouring our natural rubber plantations. The process has involved the employment of hydraulic excavators to drill depths of 60 – 100 meters to locate water sources before the installation of pumps and the construction of the access point; a process spanning three weeks. Additionally, we are actively planning the development of further borewells in the region. 

This project forms part of our Social Action Plan, our 5-year programme to support the socio-economic development of over 40 local and indigenous communities. Initial community consultations have been implemented by local NGOs, and the resultant initiatives have been overseen by community representatives.  Other focus areas include: funding, agriculture, education, health, and the preservation of the indigenous Baka culture. So far the initiatives have included the coverage of school fees, healthcare campaigns, funding for the protection of 60,000 ha of forest, and direct investment into the indigenous Baka and Bagyeli communities.


Most people living in the area have difficulty accessing clean water, both for drinking and for domestic purposes, so I'm pleased that we have been able to facilitate this.
Gislain Ngatcha
Gislain Ngatcha
Sudcam Sustainability Manager
This project will help to reduce diseases from unclean water sources as many people, particularly the indigenous Bagyeli communities, collect their water from the local rivers.
Romeo Clovis
Romeo Clovis Guinsom
Hevecam Sustainability Manager
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