Celebrating 1,800 employees in Cameroon


Celebrating 1800 employees at Hevecam

Congratulations to our 1,816 employees and former employees, at our Hevecam rubber plantation in Cameroon, who received a total of 2,884 medals for their brilliant work. These medals recognize their outstanding contributions, as well as their commitment to continuous learning and progress.

The award ceremony was co-hosted by Grégoire Owona, Minister of Labour and Social Security alongside Benoit Snoeck, CEO of our Hevecam rubber production and processing business.

Thanks to the following regional representatives who joined us in marking this special celebration: Jean Nkuete (Deputy Prime Minister), Jules Doret Ndongo (Minister of Forestry and Wildlife), Félix Nguele Nguele (Governor of the Southern Region), Nouhou Bello (Senior Divisional Officer of the Ocean Division), Guichard Ndo Nna (Mission Manager of the Presidency of the Republic) and the Lord Mayors of Niété municipality.

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