Halcyon Agri and CCCMC Partner for Sustainable Natural Rubber

Halcyon Agri  and China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) are joining forces to foster sustainable development for natural rubber. This relationship will see CCCMC assessing Halcyon Agri’s policy, procedures and practices against their Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber and international best practice, and in jointly developing practical and systematic solutions.

As China’s largest industry organisation in the various fields of metals, minerals, oil, chemicals, construction materials, natural rubber and tires,  CCCMC and their Sustainable Natural Rubber Project aim to strengthen enterprises’ capacity for sustainable rubber planting, production and processing. Forming part of this project, CCCMC’s Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber is the first comprehensive and risk-oriented guidance in the global natural rubber field. It spans the reduction of  negative impacts on local environment and society, the effective improvement of the livelihoods of affected people and communities; and the promotion of synergy between the industry upstream and downstream to build a sustainable  value chain. The Guidance aims to promote policies, management frameworks, risk analysis and evaluation references to incorporate into companies’ daily management activities.

  • Robert Meyer, CEO of Halcyon Agri and Corrie MacColl, commented: “China has long been the preeminent investor in the Natural Rubber sector. I am delighted that CCCMC has taken the global lead towards developing sustainability standards and promoting sustainable practices. As a subsidiary of Sinochem International Corporation, Halcyon Agri is committed to forging new pathways for the natural rubber industry, and to developing a business model that is truly sustainable.”  
  • Jiang Hui, Chairman of CCCMC, commented, “CCCMC provided support for many multinational enterprises towards sustainable governance and has accumulated rich practical experience for many years. As a global leading natural rubber enterprise, Halcyon Agri is putting a high value on the implementation of sustainable development policy, and continuously taking action for improvement. For the cooperation, CCCMC will maximise its professional advantages, further promote Halcyon Agri’s big step forward in sustainable governance, and endeavour to set an excellent example for the global natural rubber industry.”
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