Partnering with Vystar on the Development and Distribution of Vytex® Latex


We’re pleased to share that Vystar Corporation has selected Corrie MacColl as its exclusive global partner for all aspects of product market development and distribution of its patented Vytex® deproteinized latex. Vytex is an innovative, ultra-pure latex with a stronger molecular bond that offers enhanced durability, strength and flexibility.

Corrie MacColl will manage the Vytex supply network from rubber plantations to customer facilities, including the warehousing and shipping of liquid Vytex latex, through our network of global teams and assets. This enables complete overview and traceability from the origination of the raw material at our Cameroon plantations, where sustainability measures include our No Deforestation Policy, and the balance of economic development with ecological preservation through low-intensity planting. Enhanced Vytex production technology will also be introduced at the Cameroon plantations.

Vytex latex is the result of removing non-rubber components and 99.85% of all the proteins, resulting in superior options for a range of applications. It is also biodegradable, virtually odour-free, and has a lower risk of triggering or developing contact allergies. It also offers cleaner and purer latices and rubbers that enable higher performance materials, such as improved ultra-thin film applications and cost-effective alternative bioelastoplastics.

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Tapping the global market development and distribution capabilities of Corrie MacColl provides us with an extensive reach that would take decades to establish on our own. As the recognized leader in the latex market segment, Corrie MacColl will be introducing Vytex to customers worldwide, which is expected to add shareholder value to Vystar without the expense of maintaining our own sales force and distribution network. Corrie MacColl are also leaders in the dry rubber marketplace, which we expect to enter with our newest, sustainable applications of Vytex for end products such as tires, bonding components, films, etc. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Steve Rotman – CEO, Vystar

Corrie MacColl rubber

We champion sustainability across the natural rubber industry, highlighted in the turnaround of our Cameroon plantations which we acquired four years ago. Today Corrie MacColl produces 100% traceable, third-party certified rubber, in line with our Sustainability Policy developed under the guidance of leading international NGOs. We have extensive insight into our carbon output and work with civil society in reducing this.  

As part of CMC’s corporate strategy to drive innovation and sustainability across the natural rubber industry, we anticipate that raw liquid latex from our Cameroon plantations will in the future be processed into eco-friendly Vytex latex, which has all the advantages of latex, plus the added benefits of a healthier, purer product with improved strength, durability and flexibility. The synergies are strong and vital.  

Horst Sakreida – CEO, Corrie MacColl North America

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