What We Do

We have the resources to revolutionise the way rubber is grown, procured, processed and distributed. We own and operate the world’s largest commercially owned natural rubber plantation and have a global procurement reach. Further value comes from our extensive investment in our logistical network of warehouses, terminals and laboratories, backed by a dedicated technical advisory and support unit.

From Tree to Doorstep

Our customer benefit from a tree-to-doorstep service. Our global distribution teams are supported by state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and logistical assets, enabling us to find tailored solutions to our customers’ requirements.

Procurement Offices

11 offices across Europe, Asia and North America. 


10,000 employees across 110,000ha in Cameroon and Malaysia. 


2 factories in Cameroon, and 33 factories owned by our parent company. 


Facilities in the Netherlands and Cameroon.

Latex Tank Terminal

Kelvin Terminals, the largest latex tank terminal in Europe. 

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