Cameroonian families to benefit
hectares of fallow land to be planted

Cameroon Outgrower Programme

Corrie MacColl recognises the value of smallholder partnerships in opening new market opportunities and strengthening rural economies.

We are fully committed to improving the livelihoods and economic viability of the rural communities that border our plantations. In line with our Sustainability Policy, investment is being funnelled into our Cameroon Outgrower Programme. Educating and empowering surrounding communities on a large scale This initiative will benefit in excess of 10,000 local Cameroonian villagers in possession of degraded or fallow land; creating multi-crop farms around a core of natural rubber.
27,000 hectares have been selected, with an initial development of 750 hectares in 2019. The teaching of agronomical best practices and guaranteed purchasing of the raw material will drive sustainable employment, whilst additional crops will develop a food security programme and trade between farmers. Based on integrated farming models, the land will see a mix of rubber intercropped with plantain, maize, red bean, watermelon or groundnuts and combined with livestock of fish, pigs and chicken. Land within High Conservation Value or High Carbon Stock areas will be exempt, and appropriate land deeds must be secured prior to development.
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