Specialty, Premium & Sustainable Products: Sudcam constructs state-of-the-art factory and laboratory in Cameroon

Constructing the new Sudcam factory

Construction is almost complete at the state-of-the-art Sudcam factory in Cameroon. Due to become operational by April 2020 with an annual production capacity of 45,000 tonnes, the Sudcam factory is expected to produce 75% centrifuged latex and 25% cup lump grades. Construction will be completed by the end of the year, and will see the implementation, audit process and certification of both the HEVEAPRO and LATEXPRO processing standards in-place prior to the first batch production. The 1,000 audit-point certifications will ensure the highest standards of quality, workers safety and environmental sustainability.

The installation of heightened efficiency measures and advanced equipment, including state-of-the-art centrifuges, will maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste. Other features that distinguish the factory include: 

  •  The installation of advanced effluent treatment systems to target zero effluent discharge
  •  Rainwater collection systems on the roof and surroundings to minimise water required from surrounding rivers 
  •  Solar panels installed to power the office
  • Green corridors will be protected
  • The highest standards of soil erosion control

Applying the technical expertise of the Group’s Ohio, USA based Momentum Technologies Laboratories, a natural rubber and latex laboratory will be located on-site. Planned as an extension of the Ohio facility, the laboratory will be assisted in equipment selection, training and certification process. The partnership between state-of-the-art laboratory and modern factory will form the ideal site to host R&D-focused activities such as development of specialty products, in addition to formulation testing, enhancing and formulation design, and providing raw material testing.

The new Sudcam laboratory
  • Jimmy Francis, CEO of the Sudcam Plantation, shared that ‘bringing together a factory and an on-site laboratory provides the advantage of a full-service offering as well as a strategic centre for R&D.'

Sudcam’s raw material output, both internal and provided by the Cameroon Outgrower Programme, is 100% traceable. The plantation’s sustainability practices are overseen and governed by both local and international NGOs, as well as the Cameroon Sustainability Council. With the raw material set to feed the modern factory – flanked by the state-of-the-art laboratory – Sudcam will solidify Cameroon as a producer of certified sustainable, quality rubber and latex, produced to individual customer requirements.  

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